About Us


Our Mission

Deliver affordable renewable energy-powered transportation globally.

What We Do

Employee- and member-owned co-ops that provide renewable energy-powered transportation and delivery services.

Volt Mobility is brought to you by REEVAAS (Renewable Energy Electric Vehicles as a Service) Public Benefit Corporation. REEVAAS establishes and operates Volt Mobility satellite co-ops ensuring that each Volt Mobility location produces solar and wind renewable energy. Each location also provides electric vehicle chargers for dockless eBikes, eScooters, and eMotorcycles, and provides eCar rides, eBike, and eScooter services. Volt Mobility co-ops deliver renewable energy-powered electric vehicles as a monthly service subscription. 

With the Volt Mobility mobile app you can reserve, rent, ride, or have eVehicles delivered directly to your location. Local delivery service is also now available for small packages, retail pick up service, restaurant delivery, and grocery delivery.  Our newest service offers eTours around the Denver metro area.  Visit https://tours.voltmobility.net to learn more.  

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Why We Do What We Do

Global climate destruction is an existential threat to all life on Earth. By working together, we can reduce this risk. Economic inequality affects all communities. Together we can do better.

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Public Benefit

Our public benefit can be measured by the number of renewable energy-powered transportation miles we deliver annually.

Secondary benefits include local living wage employment, local business ownership, and widely distributed wealth and income benefits to our employees, owners, and shareholders. Other benefits include reduced air and water pollution, reduced traffic congestion, improved community health and welfare, and local economic development.

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Organizational Values

People & Planet over profits.

At Volt Mobility, we are dedicated to a triple bottom line — people, our planet, and our shareholders. Our values guide our mission and everything we do is based on working towards that mission. This is an opportunity for you to take action — join or invest today!


REEVAAS (Renewable Energy Electric Vehicles as a Service) Public Benefit Corporation is a mission driven organization to address global climate destruction and income and wealth inequality. We establish transportation service co-ops. We call these Volt Mobility co-ops. Each co-op has eCars, eBikes, eScooters, and eMotorcycles that our members can use for eVehicle transportation and recreation.

Members can use the Volt Mobility mobile app to reserve an eVehicle, schedule an eCar trip in advance, or have eVehicles delivered to their location. Our service provides electric vehicles as a service how, when, and where our members need them with maximum flexibility. For example, members using the Volt Mobility mobile app can request a one-way eBike and can then use an eCar for return. Learn more about our membership options

eBikes and eScooters utilize virtual docking stations so eVehicles can be locked in any safe and appropriate location where they will be available for the next member to use. Using the mobile app, members can see available eBikes, eCars, eScooters, and eMotorcycles in their area.

Micro mobility roadside assistance is also included with your Volt Mobility membership in case you cannot complete your eBike, eScooter, or eMoped tour safely for reasons such as inclement weather, mechanical failure, or a safety issue. Our roadside assistance service is available for our members even if you are not riding a Volt Mobility eVehicle.

Volt Mobility co-ops also provide more limited services at a higher price to non-members. Our employees and contractors are also considered members of the co-op. Gone are the days of exploitation of workers and contractors that build no wealth or ownership stake in the companies that they work for at substandard wages. Our employees have the option to earn wealth and ownership stake while they earn a living wage. Volt Mobility co-ops are local, sustainable, and just. Join a co-op as an employee, member, or contractor and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Our Leaders


Alex Garland is the CEO and Founder of REEVAAS and its initial co-op: Volt Mobility of Arvada. Alex received his BA in Economics and Environmental Science from Western Michigan University, and his MBA from Colorado State University. An avid bicycle enthusiast, Alex has brought his passion for sustainability and fighting global climate extinction to his work at REEVAAS and Volt Mobility.  He has worked for the federal government as a management analyst and IT consultant for the past 13 years, 



Bob McGrath is the VP of Marketing for REEVAAS and Volt Mobility of Arvada.  He received his BA in International Relations and Marketing from North Central College.  He has spent his 25-year career in the consumer electronics industry working for such brands as Digital Globe, Pentax Imaging, and DISH Network, managing trade shows, and events.  



David Piatt is the VP of Business Development at REEVAAS and Volt Mobility of Arvada. David is a long-time resident of Colorado and graduated with honors from the top-rated College of Business at Colorado State University. For more than 20 years he has held sales and management positions and provided guidance and results to hundreds of companies around the U.S. from small startups to Fortune 50 companies. 


Dr. Luis Rodríguez Catalán, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is the VP of People, Culture, & Organizational Development for REEVAAS and Volt Mobility of Arvada. He is a senior HR professional and Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with over 17 years of experience in operational and strategic HR roles.  Luis is bilingual in English and Spanish and spent the first part of his career in Puerto Rico. 

Our Vehicles

Volt Mobility offers two types of eBikes, an eScooter, and an eCar in delivery an all electric transportation service. 

Volt Mobility Scooter

Our eScooter offers heavy-duty suspension to smooth out the bumps and provide a safer and more balanced ride. These eScooters are equipped with a headlight, running lights on the sides of the platform, a tail light, and a phone holder for your convenience. A kickstand is used to park your scooter at the Virtual Dock at the end of your journey.


The Controls

Scooter Controls

There is a throttle on the right handlebar that when pulled back, accelerates the scooter. There is a twist bell on the left side to alert those near you of your presence. A caliper brake on the left handlebar provides superior braking action, and the digital display in the middle provides a readout on your speed in mph and the battery charge level remaining on your scooter. You scan the QR code above this readout to unlock your scooter while in the mobile app on your phone.

Our eBikes

Volt Mobility offers two models of eBikes for its customers. 

Volt Mobility Touting eBike

Our Fat Tire eBike is dedicated for tour use, offering heavy duty suspension for a more comfortable and safe ride and to smooth out the bumps.  This eBike offers dual batteries for an extended range and its fat tires are suited for use in snow as well as in good weather.  Our version comes standard with a back carrying rack, adjustable seat, caliper brakes, pedal assist and throttle assist power.  Top speed on this eBike is 20 mph, with a 750kw motor.  Carrying capacity on this model is 300 lbs.  Both a front and rear headlight are provided. 


Volt Mobility Fat Tire Bike Controls

Our backlit digital display monitors power options, speed, battery levels, distance traveled, and more.  Push buttons control increasing or decreasing speed when in pedal assisted mode. 

Our city cruiser mode offers pedal assistance for electric power. 


A front carrying basket offers convenient storage, while the rear quarter fender provides splash protection to the rider.  The step through design offers easier access for all riders. Caliper drum brakes provide quick stopping capacity, and the durable aluminum frame can accommodate up to 330 lbs.  Maximum speed on this model is 15 mph.  A digital display provides convenient readouts on battery levels, speed, and distance traveled, while a shifter assists in providing added speeds to the pedal assist power. An LED headlamp and solar powered rear light provide lighting for this model.