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Don’t Despair. Do Volt.

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Don’t Despair. Do Volt.

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September 24th – Today is “Uproot the System” day as tens of thousands of youth in over 1400 cities around the world protest climate inaction by governments and corporations.

What is Uproot the System?

This protest day is part of climate activist Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for the Future movement, centered in Europe but featured in every continent.

Global Actions

It is understandable that people can feel despair over the plight of our planet and the “all talk, little action” being foisted upon the situation by various global players.  Uproot the System targets the rich Western countries’ meager approach to the climate crisis. These countries have the most resources and often are the heaviest polluters. Uproot the System calls out the rich countries who have not delivered on their promises of economic assistance to those countries on the front lines feeling the largest impacts of climate change – rising oceans, industrial smog, burning forests, and flooding.  In many cases, these countries in the developing world have no resources to help their populations adapt to the changes brought about by climate change.

Local Actions

What can you do?  Here in Colorado, people who want to take action on the local front are discovering Volt Mobility of Arvada, a member and employee-owned co-op offering renewably-powered electric vehicles as a service. We’re designed to combat greenhouse gas emissions and economic injustice through a model of shared transportation.  As a mission-based company, Volt Mobility offers people a way to reduce pollution and improve the lives of its workers and members through sustainable and affordable transportation options.

Ways you can get involved:

Join our co-op.  Members get discounted rates on rides, deliveries, rentals of eBikes and eScooters, and discounted eTours.  Join us at

Join our staff. We’re seeking Member Service Partners who can deliver our field services – driving, maintaining our micromobility vehicles, offering tours. See

Become an Early Supporter or Help us find investors.  Like any start-up, we need supporters to help us deliver our services.  We even provide finder’s fees for those who help us find investment.  Go here to learn more:

Want to learn more?  Please visit our website and take our survey: and watch any of our videos there.

Don’t Despair.  Do Volt.

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