People & Planet over Profits

At Volt Mobility, we are dedicated to a triple bottom line — people, our planet, and our shareholders. Our values guide our mission, and every decision we make or action we take is based on working towards that mission. This is an opportunity for you to take action — join or invest today! We are all in this together! If you are interested in starting your own Volt Mobility co-op, submit your interest using our survey.


For Members

  • Electric Vehicle local delivery service (Yes! We deliver groceries! Take-out meals! Dry Cleaning! and MORE)

  • We deliver eBike and eScooters to you on demand

  • Micro mobility Roadside Assistance (with membership for YOUR bicycle or our eBike, eScooter, or eMoped)

  • eCar rides with or without eBike or eScooter

  • eBike or eScooter Rental

  • eVehicle Reservations (ride later)

For Employees

  • FT, PT, and Contractor positions available

  • Great Benefits Life Insurance, 401k, Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation insurance, Social Security Insurance

  • Base compensation + profit sharing+tips + bonuses

  • Own as you learn & grow building long term wealth and ownership stake Volt Mobility

  • Opportunities to launch your own satellite Co-Op

  • Contractors earn up to 80k annually and build wealth through ownership shares (must meet eligibility requirements and have your own electric vehicle to qualify)

What We Do

Employee- and Member-Owned Co-Ops That Provide Renewable Energy Powered Transportation and Delivery Services.

Volt Mobility is brought to you by REEVAAS (Renewable Energy Electric Vehicles as a Service) Public Benefit Corporation. REEVAAS establishes and operates Volt Mobility satellite co-ops. Each Volt Mobility location produces solar and wind renewable energy, provides electric vehicle chargers for dockless eBikes, eScooters, and eMotorcycles, and provides eCar rides and dockless eBicycle and eScooter services. Volt Mobility co-ops deliver renewable energy-powered electric vehicles as a monthly subscription service. With the Volt Mobility mobile app, you can reserve, rent, ride, or have eVehicles delivered to your location. Local delivery service is now available for small packages, retail pick up service, and restaurant and grocery delivery. Our newest service offers eTours throughout the Denver metro area. Check it out at