M Pro eScooter


The M Pro eScooter by Volt Mobility offers rugged durability with shocks that can handle the potholes and bumps on your path. LED lighting shines brightly ahead and on both sides, while an LED rear light lets others know you are there.

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Excited about electric scooters?   Volt Mobility offers you three ways to enjoy electric scooters:

  1. Subscribe as a member to Volt Mobility. You can rent electric scooters as needed, based upon your membership level.  You can enjoy 3 hours of eScooter use a month for just $19.95 on our Basic plan.  Need more?  Add to your wallet.  Once you’ve become a member, any dollar spent gives you a 25% bonus value.
  2. Try our Share-2-Own program.  You can pay monthly payments of $50 per month to enjoy 30 hours of use of your electric scooter, and allow other co-op members use of your scooter during that month.  As Volt Mobility rents your scooter, you earn a portion of that revenue back to pay you back on your monthly payment.  After one year of payments, you own an electric scooter of your own!  You must be a member of Volt to participate in this program, at any membership level.
  3. You can outright purchase an electric scooter through Volt Mobility.  Now you can get access to an electric scooter sooner than waiting at your scooter dealership.

Here are some details about our M Pro eScooters:

Product Dimension 1160mm x 1300mm x 551mm (45.7”x51.2”x21.7”)
Top Speed 30 km/h (18.6 mph)
Range 48 km (30 miles)
Motor 575W Maximum Output
Battery 50 Cell 10S5P 36V 15.9Ah 572Wh 18650 Lithium Ion
Connection Type Twist Connector with Flex Cable
Locking System Mechanical + Electronic Systems
Charger “Input: 100-240Vac ~ 3.0A
Output: DC42V 3.0A”
Charge Time 6 hours +/-
Weight 24 kg (54 lbs)
Maximum Load 136 kg (300 lbs)
IP Rating IP66
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ 65°C (5°F ~ 149°F)
Storage Temperature < 3 months 0°C ~ 35°C
(32°F ~ 95°F)”
3–6 months 0°C ~ 30°C
(32°F ~ 86°F)”
6–12 months 0°C ~ 25°C
(32°F ~ 77°F)”
Charging Temperature -5°C ~ -55°C (23°F ~ 131°F)
Body Materials Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Suspension Front Fork Spring Suspension
Tires 10” Airless Tires
Braking System Rear Wheel Drum Brake
Rear Wheel Regenerative Brake
LED Front LED Light
Rear LED Light
Side LED Lights