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Because of Mac

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Because of Mac

When people ask me why I’m so dedicated to the mission of Volt Mobility – its triple bottom line of people, planet and profits – I tell them a story of my son Mac.

Mac is our only child, and he and I share a close bond.  In what seems a lifetime ago – far before COVID-19 travel restrictions – our family traveled to France as a college graduation gift to Mac.  Mac’s girlfriend Violet joined us in Paris for part of our trip, where Mac proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower.  It was magical.

Mac proposes to Violet by the Eiffel Tower

But Mac and Violet informed us that they did not plan on bringing children into the world, mainly due to their concerns over the future of the planet.

This floored me and caused me to re-evaluate my assumptions and my concept of hope.

How could they not want to bring a child into this world?  How could they not feel  hope for a future that included a child, and all the love and guidance they could give that child?

In introspection I realized that the future for their generation was indeed bleaker than I chose to dwell upon.  They would not have the economic opportunities that I had coming out of college.  They would face a hostile planetary climate that would feature more weather catastrophes, more fires, more droughts, more climate-induced migrations, and possibly more war between the haves and have nots in our world.   The jobs in their fields didn’t provide access to affordable housing in an economy rigged against starter homes.

What could I do to help provide them with a viable future?  With more hope?

My newfound dedication to living a more sustainable life, joining forces with others to address environmental actions and economic injustice, and engaging with younger generations to demonstrate that I and others of my generation genuinely care with our actions and were not to be dismissed with an “okay, boomer” response, became a new outlook for me.

Dial forward to the COVID-19 crisis and facing little prospects for work after months of unemployment. I turned to my friend Alex Garland, and his concept of a triple bottom line of people, planet and profits awakened me to Volt Mobility and a world of opportunities.

I asked Mac to join us.  Together we will boldly face a brave and uncertain future with environmental and economic justice, through educating people about the wonders of renewably powered electric vehicles, and the freeing of resources for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Bob and Mac with Volt Mobility eScooters

You’ll find Mac on his YouTube channel, sharing stories about sustainability and electric vehicle lifestyles.  And you’ll find us both embracing a newfound bond, looking forward to a brighter future.    Who knows?  You may find one of us delivering your next order from the grocery store in an electric vehicle, or leading an eBike tour this summer.

Our future is in our children.

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