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Welcome World!

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Welcome World!

From L to R: Volt Mobility crew: Gabe Garland, Alex Garland, Bob McGrath, Mac McGrath

A blank canvas.  An empty blog.  An unwritten story.

As we launch our employee and member-owned sustainable co-op in Arvada, Volt Mobility brings vigor and values to the table.

Our vigor comes from the awareness that we have roughly ten years to tackle climate destruction, where air pollution from vehicles is the low-hanging fruit that we can pick to make a sizable difference in our environment – both here in Arvada and across the world.

Our values come from an appreciation of the preciousness of our planet – its contributions to our health and well-being, and its forgiving nature to clean up our messes, until our messes become too big for Mother Nature to tackle alone.

Volt Mobility has been a labor of love for its founder, Alex Garland.  From its inception as a master’s thesis at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, to the development of the parts and pieces that make Volt Mobility run – including its people – Alex has demonstrated vision and passion that cry out for redemption through citizen action.  As he is fond of saying, “We are all in this together.”

Look for more from us in the days and weeks ahead as we prepare a soft launch into the community we call home.  Then watch us grow as we reclaim the promise of our planet.  Come along for the ride.  Join us at by visiting the Google Play or Apple Store, and downloading our app.  Soon you’ll be ordering Volt Mobility deliveries, eScooter rides, eBike rides or eCar rides.  And you’ll begin to experience what a sharing economy feels like and start to see the clouds clear away for a brighter future.

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Currently offering limited private service in Metro Denver, Colorado.

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